How to Profit Without Buying or Selling Property…

We got tired of all the hassles of buying and selling property, and dealing with the buyers and sellers themselves!

A couple years ago we found an easier way to get those 5-figure real estate checks month after month – by locating and recovering unclaimed real estate funds.

These funds are created in many areas when a property is sold at a foreclosure sale or a tax sale – and sells for more than what is owed. The money collected above and beyond what was owed often belongs to the former owner but only if they come forward to claim it.

Using public records, we can get lists of these funds and collect them on behalf of the missing claimants – all for a 40-50% finder fee.

Join us this Thursday for our one-hour web presentation – “Hooked on Overages”, and get immediate download of the “Insider’s Guide to Five Figure Finder Fees”.

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