“Hooked on Overages” Mini-Course #1:

What’s This “Found Money Business” All About, Anyway?

Found Money. Everyone loves it! Once in a while I reach in my pocket to pick out an unknown lump, and guess what?

It turns out to be a well-washed dollar bill.

I even pulled out a fiver recently, thinking it was an old receipt.

How about seeing a $20 bill drifting along the sidewalk or parking lot?

What a great feeling – money we had no idea existed, right there in our possession. Like magic.

Have you ever experienced that? Finding a buck or five is a nice feeling, but we’re truly talking “small change” here. Governmental agencies throughout the country hold BILLIONS of dollars in unclaimed funds. Some STATES have billions all by themselves, existing in various agencies.

Most of the time, these funds just sit there. And sit there.

They’re never collected by the rightful owner. In some cases, they just disappear after a while and become property of the government.

Our job? Request lists of the unclaimed funds held by governmental agencies (they’re required to provide them to us) and locate the missing owners of these funds.

The payoff? Many unclaimed funds recipients are more than happy to let us share in their windfall if we help them access the funds – to the tune of 40-50% of the claim amount.

We’re not talking one-dollar bills or five-dollar bills here – we’re talking five-figure sums (and even six-figure sums) that are sitting at governmental agencies, ready to be collected.

Let’s connect these unknowing claimants with their money – and earn five-figure finder-fees in the process! More to come soon.

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