“Hooked on Overages” Mini-Course #2:

Connecting Unclaimed Funds With The Rightful Owner

We’re going to locate unclaimed funds and connect them with their rightful owner – and pocket huge finder’s fees in the process.

Why can’t the potential recipient of the unclaimed funds just type their name into their state’s unclaimed funds website and claim the funds themselves?

They can. And they almost always will try.

The problem?

The unclaimed funds we’ve located will never be there. And the claimant will usually need us to complete their collection.

Almost everyone has heard of unclaimed funds held by the state. True enough, there are billions held by state unclaimed funds agencies.

We’re not even going to mess with those.

Why not? Aside from the fact that most claimants can easily find their own state-unclaimed funds once we notify them, we run into other nasty problems.

Usually we’re restricted to a low “finder’s fee” limit for these state unclaimed funds – as little as 5%. Tough to make money with such a small split.

We may even have to be licensed as a private investigator to collect these funds.

So, those state funds are out.

What does that leave us?

Funds on hand with the county that haven’t been turned over to the state yet.

We’ll talk about the two main sources of funds that counties hold; they’re the easiest to locate, and are often NOT subject to fee limits or licensing requirements. Stay tuned for the next mini-course installment.

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