“Hooked on Overages” Mini-Course #5:

Getting Paid!

We find unclaimed funds on hand with counties, connecting them with their rightful owners – and make a 40-50% fee in the process.

How do we pass on the “good news” to the owner of the unclaimed funds and get paid?

Simple – we explain that we audit government records and we believe we’ve located unclaimed funds that the person on the other end of the phone is due.

Plus, we get the word out with letters too.

We charge no upfront fee – we only get paid if we can collect.

That puts all the burden on us. It’s an “easy sell”.

What happens after the claimant agrees to have us collect these funds on a contingency basis?

They sign a few forms that we have prepared, and we submit these forms to the county.

Or we submit these forms to our attorney and he makes the claim.

Either way, the check for the unclaimed funds is on its way to us in a matter of weeks, or a couple of months maximum.

Then, we send the claimant their share of the funds, and enjoy our 40%+ share of the funds – and this amount is often well into the five-figures!

Generate your own five-figure finders-fees!