Federal Regulations and Full Disclosure about Advertising
The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is introducing new rules about the use of testimonials.

We must now disclose what “average results” and how “everyone” does with the program.

As you may have seen in our materials, students sometimes send in checks, I ask for permission to use them and post them on the website.

I have never taken a survey to find out what my customers’ profit is; I do not know what the “average result” is.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is my estimate the entire spectrum of my own customers’ success and failure – from bottom to top:

-The bottom 20% do NOTHING. They therefore make nothing.

-60% do little. They learn about the business, maybe succeed in getting a few lists of overages, but never really follow through on all the steps shown, and don’t take as much advantage of the forums and other materials, as they could.

That, I believe, is what the TYPICAL customer gets. They also earn nothing but learn information they quite possibly can use in the future.

-Which brings us to the top 20%. This is the group of people who really takes the education process seriously. 20% of my customers read, learn, and apply. They learn how to get lists, deal with counties, find claimants, and make claims.

-15% or so collect at least one check for a small amount.

-3% are truly students of the process. They collect, or appear to be on their way to collecting, several checks.

-2% Embrace total mastery. You’ll see them on the forums talking about checks they get all the time and even appearing on our calls and webinars.

This top 2% is committed to mastery. They put themselves under the mentoring of the best people they can find and they learn with diligence.

I do not guarantee success. I just promise that I’ll deliver the best know-how I can, that it is actionable and shows immediate results (negative or positive).

NOT everyone who buys from me is successful. NOT everything I tell you to do will work. And when you succeed, you don’t have to send me a check. The money is yours to keep.

Rick Dawson